How to Repaint Wooden Adirondack Chairs

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When it comes to patio furniture pieces, Adirondack chairs seem to be among the most popular and there is a good reason for that. In most cases, these are attractive and comfortable, and should last you a good while, as long as you follow certain maintenance tips. While it is a fact that Adirondack chairs don’t require much effort to stay in shape, repainting or refurbishing the finish after a couple of years is a good decision. But can you paint wooden Adirondack chairs and if, so how to do it?

It all depends on the particular model and the material that your chair is made out of, but as long as you use high-quality paint it shouldn’t present a problem. Your best bet is going with oil-based paints, as water-based ones take more time to dry, and may not show a high-quality finish. We have prepared a few tips on how to repaint wooden Adirondack chairs and keep them in good shape afterwards. Let’s go ahead and take a look.

How Often Should You Do It

You should paint your Adirondack chair anywhere every 1 to 3 years. This depends on several factors including the quality of the material that it is made out of, as well as weather conditions that your Adirondack chair has been exposed to. Sudden weather changes including heavy rainfall followed by hot days may negatively affect both the paint and finish. Also, it is important to suggest that if you enjoy the natural fading of color (as long as it doesn’t affect the sturdiness of your chair), there is no need to repaint it. Some people prefer a more worn look due to their garden layout or personal style, and that is okay too.

What Paint To Use

As we have mentioned above, using oil-based paint is going to be better when it comes to the quality and overall durability of the work. On the other hand, if you are looking to be eco-friendly, you might want to consider either going for tung oil or avoiding oil-based paints completely. While not as durable, water-based paints are easier to clean and are better for those not experienced with the repainting process.

How To Clean Before Repainting

Like you might have expected, there has to be some prep work before you can get on to the repainting part. The most important step is to thoroughly clean your wooden chair. While you should perform light cleaning sessions every few weeks, using a cloth and a mild soap, for prep work you should use a wood cleaner and a soft brush. Invest extra time in this step as it will affect the quality of your repainting work. Once you are done cleaning, leave it to completely dry before moving on to apply oil or water-based paint.

Repainting The Wooden Adirondack Chair

Now that you are aware of certain precautions, it is time to go ahead and give you a few tips on how to repaint wooden Adirondack chairs. After you are done with the cleaning part and the chair has dried thoroughly, it is time to examine it and see if any loose parts may need tightening. You should do this by carefully lying your chair down on a clean cloth and checking if maybe the arms, back or seat have been loosened from all the heavy use. There is nothing to worry about as retightening these can be done by using a regular Philips screwdriver. 

One thing that you will need to finish the prep work is a sanding block. Use a medium-grit one as it is perfect for removing any loose paint, or settling imperfections on the wood material itself. It is crucial to have an even surface on which you will apply the new paint and finish. Once you have done that, wipe it with a cloth to remove any dirt and debris, and put the chair in an upright position in which it will be repainted. 

It is now time to prepare your painting mix by stirring all-in-one primer, oil or water-based paint together in a paint tray. Once you are sure that it has all been combined, start by lightly dipping your soft brush in the tray and painting the exposed underside of the chair. When you have completed the underside and the paint has dried, flip your chair to the right side. Now repeat the painting process and then allow the paint to thoroughly dry. If you are looking to achieve long-lasting effects, you may want to go for another coat of paint, especially at the top region that is going to be more exposed to weather conditions

A Few Tips On Extending Durability

Repainting a wooden Adirondack chair shouldn’t be too hard as long as you have the right equipment and high-quality paint mix by you. There are a few tips on how to extend the durability of your chair even more. First off, a coat of polyurethane may work like a charm, in case you want to protect the wood from heavy wet weather present in your area. Along with that, you should know that skimping on the quality of paint and brush used in the process may allow you to save money short-term, but in the long run, it can damage the wood material and end up as a costly mistake. Another note is that while latex primer is quite common for repainting wooden chairs, applying oil paint will work better in terms of durability and perfect finish.


At the end of the day, you will probably not be repainting the same wooden Adirondack chair more than once or twice throughout its lifetime. So, why not make sure that your effort is worth it and lasts as long as possible? Invest in high-quality paint and a soft brush, accessory tools, and be sure to fill yourself with patience - that will be the key to giving your Adirondack chair a brand new look. So grab that brush and get painting!

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