How to Secure Patio Furniture From Theft: Six Top Tips to Deter Thieves

How to Secure Patio Furniture From Theft Six Top Tips to Deter Thieves
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Pieces of furniture that are really built to last can cost a small fortune. If you’ve recently invested in some new outdoor furniture, ready for barbeque season, then you may be wondering how safe it is to leave it out there every night.

It’s far from ideal to have to move all of your patio furniture into storage every time you’re out of town for a few days. It’s for this reason that we’ve looked into the best ways of how to secure patio furniture from theft. 

Top Tips for Protecting Your Property

1. Post Signs

Signs for deterring thieves are widely available and can easily be attached to your garden fences or walls, including all entry points to your garden such as your gate and driveway.

There are also a lot of choices when it comes to what they say. “Smile you’re on camera” and "Beware of the dog” are probably the most common and don’t necessarily require you to have cameras or dogs. The potential threat that you do have one or both will make a thief think twice about targeting your property.

Top Tips for Protecting Your Property

2. Install Security Cameras

Having cameras on your property will help to protect the contents of your garden, as well as your house. It can be a significant investment but considering what potential thieves could get away with, it is well worth it.

In most cases, the cameras will deter thieves from even trying to rob you; in the worst case scenario, video evidence is difficult to refute, so at the very least you are more likely to end up with a successful conviction if the thief is identified.

3. Lock It Up

You can buy steel cables or chains from most hardware stores. Thread it through your furniture securing it all together or securing it in sections. The furniture will be harder to move (and steal), three or four pieces at a time.

You can also go a step further by installing masonry, wood, or grass anchors that the steel cable attaches to, and literally anchor your furniture down to your patio, deck, or lawn.

4. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Install bright, motion sensor lights up high somewhere, pointing down to act as floodlights when they detect movement. They’re great for alerting you of a presence in your garden and a good way of deterring thieves as they will want to try and stay out of range.

Unfortunately, these lights will also be triggered by local cats, dogs, and other nocturnal wildlife so it can be a pain if you have a bedroom window facing the garden. An alternative to motion sensor lights is just to have a light on in your garden permanently. Like a streetlight, it will be less of an annoyance for people sleeping in the house, as it’s not going on and off all night, but it will use up a lot more electricity.

Inform Your Neighbors

5. Install Alarms

Working in much the same way as motion sensor lights, an alarm will be triggered if anyone comes near your property alerting you and your neighbors of their presence.

6. Make Your Fence More Secure

Build a fence if you don’t already have one, and consider making it taller if you do. Barbed wire is extremely unsightly, but you can place carpet tacks along the top of your fence which will give thieves a nasty shock if they try climbing over.

Surely, they’ll be wondering what other booby traps you have waiting for them on the other side, and whether they’re really willing to traverse a potential “Home Alone” situation. Just be careful if you have kids. 

Other Considerations

1. Inform Your Neighbors

Always tell your neighbors if you are going to be out of town so that they can help to keep an eye on your property and garden. Be sure to brief them on what security measures you have in place, including details on how to turn your alarm off in case of a false alarm. And of course, return the favor when the time comes.

2. Get Insurance

As a precautionary measure, make sure that you keep all of your receipts and documentation relating to the purchase of your garden furniture somewhere safe and take a picture of it in situ in your garden. If you do have to claim on your insurance at some point, and assuming your household insurance covers the garden as well, then having all of this paperwork to hand will help you in your claim. 

Happier Holidays

How to secure patio furniture from theft is quite easy. Lock it all together, anchor it down, and employ as many of the above tips as possible to deter thieves from even setting foot on your property. Knowing that your property and garden is more secure will allow you to sleep better at night and have happier holidays away from home.

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