Kinfayv Camping Hammock Review

Kinfayv Camping Hammock

Finding a good camping hammock is easier said than done. You need something portable, easy to set up, comfortable, and durable. Moreover, coming with some protection from the elements, as well as from insects is a must as well.

Today, we are here to take a closer look at one such camping hammock that meets all of these criteria. This is even the case without costing you an arm and a leg. Let’s take a closer look at what might be your next camping hammock.

Kinfayv Camping Hammock

Today, we are here to take a closer look at the Kinfayv Camping Hammock. This is a very large two person hammock that is ideal for couples.

It’s got more than enough space for two, and especially more than enough space for one. It comes complete with a rainfly, bug net, and much more. The fact that you can get such a high quality and functional hammock for a reasonable price is something we can all appreciate.

Who is this Hammock for?

The Kinfayv Camping Hammock is designed for couples who like going on camping and hiking trips. That said, it is also ideal for one very large person. Moreover, it’s an ideal hammock for rainy seasons, and for protection against insects. If you need something durable, comfortable, and portable to sleep in while camping, then the Kinfayv Camping Hammock could be right for you.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Kinfayv Camping Hammock, you get a 118 x 78 inch 210T nylon hammock. It comes with a storage pouch, a rainfly, a bug net, and all necessary mounting hardware for tree hanging. This includes an assortment of high quality tree straps, ropes, and carabiners.

Overview of Features

The Kinfayv Camping Hammock has quite a few notable features, so let’s take a look. This particular hammock is a very large one. When it is set up, it comes in at a whopping 118 by 78 inches. As far as hammocks go, particularly camping hammocks, this is very large.

This should provide two people with more than enough room to sleep comfortably. This is not one of those two person hammocks where two people have to squeeze in just to fit. Here, two people can actually lay comfortably, and still be fairly spread out as well.

In terms of the size and weight, the Kinfayv Camping Hammock can be folded down into a very compact package. It folds downs into a small package that is very easy to carry around. It does of course come complete with its own carrying case.

To help keep it portable, and to help make it easy to set up, it weighs just two pounds. The fact that it’s spacious when set up, yet also compact and lightweight when folded, is a big deal. This makes the Kinfayv Camping Hammock ideal for camping and hiking trips alike.

In terms of durability, the Kinfayv Camping Hammock is made out of 210T nylon. This is a special kind of parachute fabric that is known for its durability. It’s super tear and rip resistant, plus it has a great weight capacity too. This hammock can hold up to 600 pounds in weight, which is quite impressive no doubt.

When it comes to comfort, this nylon material is very soft on the skin. That said, it might not be the most breathable, but it should do just fine. To help keep you even more comfortable, the Kinfayv Camping Hammock comes complete with a bug net. It’s always nice when you have protection from insects while sleeping outdoors.

Moreover, the Kinfayv Camping Hammock also comes complete with a rainfly. This rainfly is easy to set up and will keep you dry in the event that it rains. On that same note, it also acts as a sun guard to help keep you cool. Of course, whether or not you use the rainfly is totally optional.

To set up the Kinfayv Camping Hammock, it comes complete with all of the tree straps and mounting hardware that you could possibly need. It might take a few minutes to set up, but that said, the setup process is about as easy as it gets. The Kinfayv Camping Hammock does also feature a small side pocket for storage.


To help make life a bit easier, here we’ve included a tutorial on how to set up a hammock between trees.


  • Very durable
  • High weight capacity
  • Tear resistant
  • Quite comfortable overall
  • Bug net and rainfly included
  • Fairly straightforward setup process
  • More than enough room for two people
  • Has some onboard storage
  • Fairly lightweight and portable


  • Nylon is not overly breathable
  • Sides cave in if there is a heavy person in the middle


In case you are looking for something a bit smaller and simpler, the Coalatree Loafer Packable Hammock might be right up your alley.


The bottom line is that the Kinfayv Camping Hammock is something we recommend checking out. It’s ideal for one or two people, it’s durable, comfortable, portable, and easy to deal with as well.