Kootak Camping Hammock Review

Kootak Camping Hammock

If you are into camping and prefer the open freedom of a hammock, you are going to absolutely love the Kootak Camping Hammock. This lightweight hammock is ideal for camping and hiking, or just for your own backyard if you simply want to enjoy a lovely day with a good book and a comfortable place to read it. This article reveals the best features of this camping hammock, as well as some of the not-so-great things. Then, you can decide if this is the camping hammock for you. Let's get started.

Kootak Camping Hammock

Who Is This Hammock For?

The Kootek Camping Hammock is for anyone who loves a comfortable place to rest or sleep while in the outdoors. If you are into camping, hiking, and being out in nature, this may be the ideal hammock for you. It is lightweight, so you can easily stuff it into your backpack and not have to worry about it weighing you down.

This is also an excellent hammock for anyone who wants to spend time in their yard. You can set it up in just a couple of minutes and then have the rest of the day to sit back and relax while enjoying your backyard. Then, when you are finished for the day, you can leave it hanging or pack it up until you are ready to use it again.

What's Included?

When you order the Kootek Camping Hammock, you will receive everything you need to use it right away. Your order will include the hammock, as well as a carrying bag, two hanging ropes, and two carabiners that will make it easy to hang the hammock anywhere without needing a hammer and nails or hooks.

Overview of Features

Now it's time to look at the features of the Kootek Camping Hammock. For starters, the storage bag is sewn to the side of the hammock. So, not only will you never lose the bag, but you can also use it as a pocket while the hammock is in use. Other great features of the Kootek Camping Hammock include:

Two Tree Straps

Your Kootek Camping Hammock will come with two tree straps. These straps are 10 feet in length, and they have 19 loops in total. You can use these straps to adjust the hammock to the ideal height for anyone using it.


The carabiners are very easy to open and use. They are also quite durable, so they are going to hold a lot of weight. In fact, they can accommodate two adults.

Easy to Carry

The Kootek Camping Hammock is lightweight and easy to carry. It can easily be folded to go inside the attached storage bag. It is also lightweight and compact, so you can easily carry it in your backpack.

Premium Materials

This camping hammock is made with premium nylon parachute fabric. If it's strong enough for parachutes, it's good enough for a hammock. You can be sure that the material is lightweight yet durable, and it is also breathable.

Drawstring Design

The built-in carrying bag has a drawstring design. This means that it can easily be fastened and held in place while carrying the hammock to your destination.


Setting up the Kootek Camping Hammock is pretty straightforward. But, if you have never used this type of hammock before, it is a good idea to learn how to set it up before you head out into nature. That way, you won't have to rely on an instructional video while you are out of signal range. Here is a great video to watch before you head out with your camping hammock:


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Quality materials last for many years
  • Can easily hold two adults, or one adult, and one or two small children


  • Some complaints about straps and ropes not holding the claimed weight limit
  • Reports about fabric ripping after a few uses


It is always essential to shop around before making any purchase, including a camping hammock. If you are looking for something in the same price range as the Kootek Camping Hammock, you may be interested in the Btrwor Camping Hammock. It is also lightweight and easy to carry and set up, and it is made from Tenacity nylon taffeta, which is highly durable. Everything you need to set it up is included, making it ideal for camping, hiking, or even lounging on the porch.


Gone are the days when you had to drag a massive hammock on camping trips or not be able to enjoy a hammock while out hiking. The Kootek Camping Hammock is lightweight, portable, and durable. It is perfect for camping and hiking, and it can be used pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a couple of trees or posts to connect it to.