Shine Company Inc. 4332OA Vermont Porch Rocker Review

Shine Company Inc. 4332OA Vermont Porch Rocker
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Rocking chairs have been around for a very long time, tracing back to the 18th century. They were initially used in health care facilities, such as hospitals, due to their numerous health-related benefits.

Nowadays, the models not only look stylish and blend in perfectly with your modern house, but they still offer numerous health benefits. For this reason, everyone should consider buying one of these rocking chairs for their homes, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

One of the best rocking chairs on the market might be the Shine Company Vermont Porch Rocker. Let’s have a look at its features and caveats!

Shine Company Inc. 4332OA Vermont Porch Rocker 

This product is made 100% of hardwood; therefore, it comes with a rustic, beautiful design that blends in seamlessly on any porch. Its main highlights include outstanding durability, reliability, not to mention the classical beauty of the design.

Who is This Product For?

This product is constructed with high-quality materials that help it withstand any weather conditions. If you are looking for a functional, durable, and reliable product to decorate your porch, this is what you need.

Whether you want a rocking chair for your deck, porch, or walkway, the Shine Company Vermont Porch Rocker needs to go on your shortlist.

What’s Included?

With a capacity of maximum 250 lbs., this rocking chair comes in a package partly disassembled. A short leaflet with pictures is included with it to help you put it together quickly.

Some might find these instructions somewhat vague, however. Despite this, the assembly process is extremely easy.

Overview of Features

Shine Company Vermont Porch Rocker is a high-quality rocking chair, designed with durability and reliability in mind. It is made to complement the décor in your garden, on your porch or your deck, or even on a walkway.

The beautiful structure is made of 100% hardwood. This material is not only durable, but it can also withstand any adverse weather conditions without compromising the finish of the chair. This is partly because the chair is coated in a special polyurethane paint that enhances the protection of the product against outdoor conditions. What is more, the design is also rust-resistant.

Another great feature of the product is that it is available in a plethora of colors and finishes, ensuring that you can decorate your outdoors to your liking. If you plan to sit outdoors on your porch and sip your beverage while rocking comfortably, this product has all the qualities you need.

On the other hand, if you have never assembled rocking chairs before, the instructions included in the package might give you a hard time. The pictures are somewhat vague, but the directions are easy to follow for the most part.

How to Use It

There are numerous options when it comes to how to use this outstanding product.

First of all, we all know that rocking is deeply relaxing. Match that with a hot beverage, and you will leave all of your stress behind in no time.

Rocking chairs allow our brains to release endorphins, which means that we benefit from a mood boost and reduced stress.

For instance, in some airports, many chose to replace their traditional chairs with rocking chairs. This helps travelers relax while they wait for their next flight.

Therefore, once assembled, you can use the Shine Company Vermont Porch Rocker to relax after a long day at work. You could also soothe your baby to sleep, simply read a book outdoors, or enjoy the sunlight and boost your vitamin D levels.


  • 100% constructed from hardwood
  • Durable and reliable for years of use
  • Rust-resistant and withstands adverse weather conditions
  • High-quality, spacious, and relaxing


Instructions are somewhat confusing


If you are looking for a lounge chair instead, we recommend checking out the Haotian FST15-DG. It is comfortable and comes with a modern design.

The frame is stable and constructed from birch wood for the best experience. Furthermore, it comes with a cotton cover that is washable.

However, similar to the Shine Company Vermont Porch Rocker, this product also needs to be assembled, and the instructions are included in the package.

The product is ideal for moms rocking their babies to sleep, relaxing after a long day, or simply as a chair to read or watch TV. Comfortable and durable, this product makes for a great alternative.


All in all, the Shine Company Vermont Porch Rocker is a high-quality rocking chair suitable for your porch, deck, garden, or walkway. It is durable, reliable, and made from 100% hardwood.

It can withstand any adverse weather conditions and makes for a great rocking chair to help you relax while sipping a cup of tea. If you are looking for great value for money, this product should certainly get on the top of your list!

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